Accessibility information for Common House

Accessibility information for Common House:


  • Local transport links – how far from train or underground station?
– 0.1 kilometres from Bethnal Green Underground station.
  • Is there a step-free access at the train or underground station?
– No
  • How far from bus stop?
– Approx 0.15 kilometres from bus stops in either direction.

Building Entrance/corridor to Common House space

  • Entrance to building – are there steps? How high and how deep are the steps?
Please note: There are two entrances to the building. The main door, where the buzzer/ intercom is, and a sidedoor which is located approx 20 m further on from the main door and access via this is step-free. The sidedoor does not have a bell/buzzer itself and it needs to be opened from the inside, which means accessing it involves ringing the bell at the main door and telling the person via the intercom to open the sidedoor. At the moment we only have measurements available for the side door, we will add info on accessibility of the main door asap. Sidedoor: 2cm kerb from road to pavement outside door. Uneven bump in doorway, 1cm at it’s highest.
  • How wide is the side door?
– 132 cm, with double doors opening inwards. There is then an internal door 115cm inside the building, which is 125cm wide.
  • How do you open the door? How high do you need to reach to do this? Does the door open automatically or do you have to push/pull it? Is the door heavy and stuff or light and easy to push/pull?
– The side door needs to be opened by somebody from the inside.
  • What kind of floor is there and is it even or bumpy?
– It’s very uneven near the entrance to the building, dipping down to 4cm at it’s deepest. Concrete.
  • How wide are internal doors?
– The narrowest are 68cm wide.
  • How wide is the corridor?
– The narrowest part is 98cm wide. It has several 90 degree turns. There is one step with ramp, 8cm at highest, ramp is 128cm wide, turn space to get onto ramp is 92x170cm to get on to ramp.
  • What type of flooring is in the corridor?
– Wooden floorboards.
  • What is the narrowest space a person would have to get through to get into the event space?
– 65cm.
  • How long is the distance from front door to event space?
– Approx. 19 metres.
  • Are there are handrails or seats along the corridor?
– No
  • Is it free of obstructions?
– tbc
  • What lighting is there in the corridor (natural light as well as electric etc)? Is it overhead, on the walls or on the floor?
– Florescent strips on the ceiling.
  • How wide is the door to the event space?
– 65cm.

Common House Space

  • What lighting is there in the event space (natural light as well as electric etc)? Is it overhead, on the walls or on the floor?
– Lightbulbs are standard, non-florescent, (as per in most residential homes) on the ceiling. There is quite a lot of natural light from large windows on the wall opposite the door into the room to the space, no direct sunlight though due to buildings opposite.
  • How much background/street noise can you hear?
– Minimal traffic or other noises from directly outside the building or from other rooms within the building.
  • What colour are the walls? Are they plain or covered in posters?
– Walls are white, with lots of small posters of various colours and styles (more words than pictures).
  • What is the height of tables and chairs, what materials are they made from and in what style?
– Tables are hard plastic and wood, a bit like might be found in a school. They are 72cm high. Chairs are foldable, with slatted wood, and are 45cm high. The furniture is foldable, stored in a corner of the space and its usage will vary from event to event.
  • How much space is there in between furniture?
– This will vary from event to event. In general furniture can be arranged as needed.
  • How wide is/are the door(s) to the toilet(s)? Are there any steps?
– 72cm doorway. 2cm step.


  • What are the measurements of the cubicles/bathrooms? Are they unisex?
– There’s just one and it is unisex. It’s a bathroom, with a bath to your left, the sink to your right, and the toilet in front of you. The gap between the sink and bath is 60cm, must go through this to get to toilet.
  • How high is the sink? What type of taps are there? How high is the toilet? What type of flush is used? Where is the toilet paper? Sanitary bin?
– Sink is 83cm high. Tap is a pull-up lever, combined hot and cold, turn to warm or cool. Toilet is 42cm high. Push button flush top centre of cistern. Toilet rolls are loose on top of shelf left of toilet, 27cm up from floor.
  • Are there any handrails?
– No
  • Where is the lightswitch for the toilet? How high? Which type?
– Outside toilet (to your left), 170cm. Push switch as per in most residential homes.
  • How much turn space is there around the toilet?
– 55cm x 95cm